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Are you an introvert? Or live with an introvert? Or have a best friend who is an introvert? Then you probably know how challenging it might be. 

But when you go online to do some research on introversion you're likely to stumble upon 2 absolutely useless types of resources: 

1) stupid memes that depict introverts as totally antisocial creatures with the only desire to be barricaded inside a stone wall;

2) brainy behavioural science articles (written no doubt with a secret goal to teach brands how to sell more to introverts 😅)

You can't use any of those as they would feed you with fortune-cookie-style advice instead of the true facts. 

Nigel The Introvert has been created by introverts for introverts. By choosing a cat as a character to tell our story we are able to distance ourselves from the subject of our research and be more open about our thoughts, desires, and secrets. Just like cats, we can be vulnerable and brave, become great friends, or hate you till the end of your days and you would never find out. Through Nigel's story who's been adopted as a pandemic pet and now is about to be abandoned, we flash out our deep insecurities and dreams — and we believe it will be helpful for other introverts (it is always helpful to be "felt"), as well as to everyone who has a very special introvert in their life. 

Hope you will support us on this journey.  


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